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My name is Abdellah RHOLEM, I make logos and visual identity systems that are not only aesthetic but also useful.

The best of two worlds

As a branding strategist, I bridge the gap between design and strategy. Aligning the goals of your organization to the needs of your customers — creating exceptional brand experiences, and a visual language that appeals to your target audience.

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Some of my clients

From big tech companies to small non-profits and everything in between.

Why work with me?

My expertise comes from years of working in the creative field, experience that taught me to design with business goals in mind. My focus is on refining a precise process that helps me reproduce results consistently.

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Below are the most recent branding projects I worked on.

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Rebranding works: A success story

When it comes to branding, it is never too late to change lanes. There are many great examples and case studies out there,that show how a re branding can make a big difference in how a company is perceived (and as a result making tons of money). One that we like in particular is Old spice’s campaign that turned them from being not that specialty a viral sensation.

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Branding vs. marketing, The importance of a brand first approach

What do you get when you spend money on marketing without branding? I hate to break this to you, but not much.You are wasting your budget. Mic drop. That really should be the end of my article. However, in order to convince you that my opening statement is more than just one of my many Carrie Bradshaw musings, let me explain. 

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The Disney formula

It doesn't take much reflection to realize that almost all Disney stories follow the same formula, yet people still watch them. What does that have to do with branding? Well, your brand is a story in itself...

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